Our Mission: To cultivate and develop a self-sustaining yoga program in every prison in Texas.

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Jim and Jacqueline Freeman

Jim began practicing mindfulness mediation techniques in 2004 as a path to freedom from lifelong addiction issues.  He began practicing yoga in 2011 in order to rehabilitate his body following a hip replacement, and found yoga to be a perfect compliment to his meditation practice. Jim began his first teacher training in 2012 and has been teaching yoga and meditation for free ever since. He began teaching inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (“TDCJ”) in 2013 and has established yoga programs in five Texas prisons. 

 Jacqueline has also experienced transformation from a regular yoga practice and became a teacher in order to share what she has learned with others.  She desires to work with many populations who do not usually have access to yoga, including veterans, battered families and families of the incarcerated.



In an effort to heal two frozen shoulders, I made my way to a beginning yoga class only to discover that yoga offers a myriad of unforeseen benefits. I signed up for teacher training after my second class because I wanted to be a part of exposing yoga to others, particularly to those who think they can’t do yoga. Knowing that yoga is for every body, I’m excited to share the practice with those eager to engage in their own journey.



Vedya has been actively practicing yoga since 1993. She began teaching Hatha yoga in 2004, and Kundalini yoga in 2005. Since then she has taught thousands of classes and workshops nationally, internationally and in her home studio in Austin. She returned to the US in 2016 from three and a half years of living in Munich, Germany where she continued to teach yoga in a corporate setting as well as privately, despite her limited German!   Vedya's eclectic teaching style has evolved over the years through working with many diverse teachers and students. She encourages her students to expand their awareness of alignment, balance, and strength building. She emphasizes the integration of whole mind, body, emotional and spiritual consciousness. She enjoys sharing sound energy through gongs, singing bowls and other instruments with her students.  Certifications: Hatha ERYT®500,  Kundalini 500hr, Advanced Gong Certification, Certified iRest® Teacher, Judith Lasater's Restorative Relax and Renew Trainer Certification. Vedya Teaches: Hatha, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, iRest®, Restorative, Yin and Gentle Yoga styles. Vedya published her iRest® CD "Welcoming Everything" in 2013.


Steve Rothstein

Coming from a very natural change in life – in 2006, after being invited to an informal yoga class, Steve was immediately convinced of the advantages with his first yoga experience, and, that the benefits would continue for the rest of his life.   Within a few years, Steve obtained his 200-RYT certification, and soon followed with gaining the 500-RYT level.   Steve’s passion is to inspire other men and new students into the diverse benefits of yoga – and teaching whenever the opportunity arises.   Steve routinely practices hatha, with occasional sessions of Kundalini and Ashtanga.   He have also develop great interest and class focus on aspects of including meditation, restorative and sound therapy, plus, ventures into chi-gong and thai-yoga-massage, within yoga sessions.   It has become quite apparent, that the numerous tangents of yoga, will be a part in the rest Steve’s everyday life … sat-nam ॐ namaste …  ॐ  


Amy Pierce

Amy discovered yoga when she began serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in Honduras in 2002. Learning mostly from other volunteers, a CD, and a couple of books, yoga became an essential resource for cultivating calmness during a time ripe for self reflection and personal growth. The time also wrapped up with a month long meditation course in Guatemala with a friend. After returning to the States, Amy discovered the richness and breadth of yoga classes and participated whenever possible. Later, the only way she survived the initiation into motherhood was with the prenatal & postnatal and crawlers & toddlers’ yoga classes for several years. She later started teaching Little Yogis at the YMCA and decided to get trained as a teacher simply for personal growth. But after years of careers in social work and public health, she found that yoga offered invaluable tools for self care and cultivating peace within and she quickly realized she must share this amazing gift.  More importantly, Amy wants to share it with those who wouldn't normally have access to yoga. She is honored to be teaching such amazing, strong and brave women in the prison system at a crucial point in their own personal journeys.  Amy completed 300 hours ofFoundations of Yoga Therapy (Hatha) in 2016.



Amy Mills

I began practicing yoga out of necessity. Yoga was presented to me in 2011 as a complimentary healing modality while I was an inpatient at a rehabilitation center for extreme self-harm. After the first class, I walked away in a sphere of peace, grateful for the teacher’s presence, the practice that she shared, and inspired to delve deeper into yogic practices. Since then I have explored various yogic styles as well as immersing myself in meditation techniques such as Vipassana and energetic operations. Walking the recovery journey has shown me so much about myself andthe human condition, unfolding within me the desire to help others along the way. Yoga is a beautiful tool to help us restore our bodies, still our minds and connect with that quiet space within where divine magic happens. I received my 300 hour Hatha Therapy certification in 2016. After training, I traveled through Europe and the Middle East assimilating all that I had experienced. 

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Jess was first drawn to yoga as a way to soothe anxious energy and replace unhealthy coping skills that were no longer serving their purpose. Over the years, her practice has radically transformed into one that invites in more stillness and presence, a lens through which to observe the mind, regulate the nervous system and understand what it means to be embodied. Jess believes yoga is for every body and is passionate about making it accessible to all. In her classes, she aims and encourages us all to keep it real, do our best, be good to ourselves and others. Jess' love of travel has provided her with a worldly perspective, open mind and free spirit. She's a mountain mama at heart who loves to sink her bare feet into the earth and discover new things with her Catahoula Leopard Hound.

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Raul Skaliks